As my parents would say “if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves.”

That is true today whether you are a home owner, business owner, Financial Director or school governor.  We all know the importance of not wasting our hard earned money and instead spending it on those items that matter to our family, our business and the school children we teach.

That is why we believe at Bellmac that when our competitors are increasing your fire and security maintenance prices we should be standing next to you and say “NO.”

We say now is the time to support local families and businesses and not raise prices.  We can do this because when you deal with Bellmac, you deal direct with the owners.  No commission payments are added to our prices and we keep our backroom operation pretty slick even though we say so ourselves.

We have also invested heavily in staff training, meaning we don’t need to allow for extra engineering hours “just in case” as we know our engineers will get the job done in the time allowed.  Our vehicles are super efficient, we use smart technology to resolve quite a few problems remotely and the latest test equipment to ensure your fire and security system is maintained at tip top working order!

Now is the time to look after those pennies and we are here to help you save pounds on your annual fire and security maintenance, without a reduction in benefits or quality service.

When it is time to renew your fire and security maintenance contract, call Bellmac and discuss how we can help you save money.




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