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Bellmac can design, install and maintain conventional and addressable fire systems. Specialising in warehousing, manufacturing, datarooms, general office and commercial buildings, our competent fire designers and installers will provide you with cost effective and compliant fire protection. 

All our installations are completed with relevant zone diagrams, O&M manuals, as-fitted drawings and onsite training for your staff.

Our portfolio of fire solutions is designed to prevent, detect and contain a fire, and enable time to escape whilst alerting keyholders and/or emergency services on our monitored systems.  A correctly designed and maintained fire system reduces unwanted false alarms and whole-life costs.  To learn more about fire prevention and products, go to our support hub fire section HERE

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Our services and products include:

  • Analogue and addressable systems (wired and wireless)
  • Aspirating protection
  • Beam detectors and thermal cameras
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire extinguishers and emergency lighting

To ensure your fire safety systems continue to operate without problem, we provide a comprehensive maintenance package to cover all fire safety systems. Monitoring is also recommended to ensure your protection is continual outside of business hours.

We’re happy to share our knowledge, experience and expertise to help people and businesses protect themselves! We’re all on the same side after all! Our support hub features news, advice and product information to help you.











    Your HOME

    Combining unrivalled expertise with cutting-edge technology, easy remote access, 24/7 off site monitoring and police response if requiredStand-alone intruder alarms and CCTV systems combined smart-home security hubs that seamlessly integrates your intruder, CCTV, fire, carbon monoxide and early flood detection alarms all displayed on your smart device anywhere in the World. This is where safer meets smarter. 


    Combining design, compliance, 24/7 support, specific customer assigned engineers, off site monitoring and police and fire brigade response if required, this is where fire and security integrates into your business operations providing whole-life cost savings. 


    Combining highly trained, experienced and specific customer assigned engineers, helps us to prevent unwanted false alarms, minimise disruption, maximise first time repairs with minimum need for return visits, keeps your life safety systems compliant and operational, working at their full potential providing you safety, reliability and exceptional lifetime cost savings.