Bellmac chooses its CCTV systems with quality, flexibility and affordability in mind. Our HD recorders can be used to install new or where possible upgrade existing systems, meaning that we can utilise the existing cable infrastructure whilst still providing HD quality CCTV images and minimising disruption.

Our CCTV systems provide clear and useful imagery in all weather and lighting conditions. They can be connected to personal smart devices, company servers or to 24/7 off-site professional CCTV monitoring centres.

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Our systems can include ANPR, facial recognition and people counting. Additionally, heat mapping and thermal body temperature systems can be utilised to support your COVID-Secure plans.

Our experienced designer can assist with GDPR and all our systems are completed with correct signage, as fitted drawings, O&M manuals and staff training.

Our portfolio of CCTV-related products includes:

  • IP and HD cameras
  • Static, PTZ, ANPR and thermal cameras
  • Centralised video management system (VMS).
  • We install products that are based on an open platform that features easy integration with third party partners.
  • Seamless integration to smart devices, tablets and business networks across multi-sites and viewed across secure networks anywhere in the world.

We offer a turnkey solution by also being able to install infrastructure such as:

  • CCTV towers
  • Traffic barriers
  • Pedestrian gates and turnstiles

We’re happy to share our knowledge, experience and expertise to help people and businesses protect themselves! We’re all on the same side after all! Our support hub features news, advice and product information to help you.











    Your HOME

    Combining unrivalled expertise with cutting-edge technology, easy remote access, 24/7 off site monitoring and police response if requiredStand-alone intruder alarms and CCTV systems combined smart-home security hubs that seamlessly integrates your intruder, CCTV, fire, carbon monoxide and early flood detection alarms all displayed on your smart device anywhere in the World. This is where safer meets smarter. 


    Combining design, compliance, 24/7 support, specific customer assigned engineers, off site monitoring and police and fire brigade response if required, this is where fire and security integrates into your business operations providing whole-life cost savings. 


    Combining highly trained, experienced and specific customer assigned engineers, helps us to prevent unwanted false alarms, minimise disruption, maximise first time repairs with minimum need for return visits, keeps your life safety systems compliant and operational, working at their full potential providing you safety, reliability and exceptional lifetime cost savings.