Your fire alarm must be maintained at least every 6 months to comply with British Standards.

Over a 12 month period, the maintenance should include an inspection of the fire alarm log book to check for false alarms.  Batteries should be checked to ensure the fire alarm remains working even if the building lose the mains electricity supply. The control panel and all field devices such as smoke detectors, manual call points and interfaces to lifts, gas supplies, doors etc. should also be tested.

As we see more buildings remaining unoccupied, it is even more important landlords consider fire alarm maintenance.  That is also true when companies are only occupying part of a building – without people walking around a building and spotting a fire by chance, occupants and owners of empty buildings are even more vulnerable to fire.

Maintaining your fire alarm is not only a legal requirement that carries very serious consequences if not complied with, but it makes financial sense too.

If your current service provider is increasing the cost of your maintenance, not providing a level of service you want or you are simply wanting to explore the market, phone Bellmac today for a competitive quote from a company that cares.


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