School leaders know full well the already competing priorities on school budgets prior to Covid-19, but with increased costs of staggered class times, deep cleaning and access to sanitiser, schools are seeing budgets placed under even more strain.  Bellmac have researched the effects the Covid-19 pandemic is having on local schools to try and understand how we can help our community.

As reported by Ben Butcher of BBC reality check on 4/9/20, two thirds of schools have paid additional staff costs for cleaning and 85% of schools have purchased signage, tape or barriers.  The average cost for schools has been £9,990 and although the government did provide extra funding for schools, this is not the full picture. From September, additional cleaning and staff costs will now need to be paid for from existing school budgets.

The Times Radio reported on 16 September that approximately 5% of staff have not returned to the classroom.  Many are waiting for results from track and trace which at the time of writing remains strained in many areas.  With 506,400 full-time teachers in the UK, that would suggest 25,000 teachers are absent from the classroom.

Further strains on budgets have also come from the loss of revenue from activities such as renting rooms and after school clubs. Research by the BBC based on 500 school leaders first reported by BBC reality check, estimate the loss of such income is £16,000 per school.

Although Bellmac cannot offer a miracle cure to school leaders, we are able to provide some practical immediate support.

The children of today are gearing up to become the adult citizens of tomorrow and is parallel to the future of our region.  As a dynamic local business we believe we have a responsibility to help support schools in this very challenging time and in the years ahead.   That is why we have launched a commitment not to increase our fire and security maintenance costs for 3 years to any school, college or academy.  Many schools are finding that our call-out rates along with replacement equipment costs are saving them thousands of pounds off project costs and the overall charges for annual or 6 monthly servicing.

As a local company with a vested interest in the children of today and adults of tomorrow, we want to help schools retain as much of their budgets for those items which have a direct impact on the quality of the teaching schools can provide.  To see if you can save money on the maintenance or installation of your fire, intruder, CCTV and access control, and to fix the price of call-out and maintenance costs for the next 3 years, call Sam our Service Manager today on 01913719011 and arrange your free no obligation quote.

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