Protection of people, business continuity and reputation

Restaurants are considered to be relatively critical zones in a hotel due to the various ignition sources such as candles, or cooking and frying at the table and the number of guests present. Depending on the room dimensions and the expected deceptive phenomena, smoke detectors or ASA neural fire detectors with the combination smoke/heat are recommended for monitoring restaurant areas.

In the event of a fire, alerting and evacuating all parties at risk in good time has the highest priority. A fire protection system is needed that guarantees rapid, reliable fire detection and activates both the alarm devices and the relevant fire control installations.

Early warning of a fire is essential; not only for protecting people, but also for ensuring business continuity and the reputation of the hotel. However, unnecessary evacuation activities due to false alarms must be avoided.  To learn more on fire protection in restaurants and hotels, download for free the Siemens guidance here


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