Professional offsite CCTV monitoring can provide commercial properties, business locations such as lorry parks and garage forecourts, and homes of high net-worth individuals, with high quality, cost effective 24/7 security.  When installed to BS 8418 the monitored CCTV system can be issued with a Unique Reference Number (URN) for Police response.

Remote monitored CCTV can deter intruders by issuing live audio warnings and where necessary contacting key holders and in the case of a system with a URN, the emergency services can be called.  Real time communication with security operatives on the ground can help direct them to best apprehend intruders or investigate incidents.  When relying only on monitored CCTV, recorded footage can only be viewed retrospectively after an incident has occurred and damage already done.

Off-site CCTV monitoring is a great way to ensure your home and business is protected 24/7 and the following are environments well suited to the additional benefits:

  • Commercial premises holding expensive/critical stock
  • Car showrooms/forecourts
  • HGV/Lorry parks and storage units
  • Education sites
  • High net-worth individuals
  • Sites prone to vandalism and arson
  • Health centres and drug storage sites
  • Metal and cable storage facilities

To enquire about professionally installed off-site monitored CCTV systems and obtaining a Police URN, contact the office today or make an enquiry HERE

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