our story

Our story and how we came to form Bellmac in 2017, is not too dissimilar to many others who have worked for large national companies. While doing so, we often found them wanting in both engineering ability and customer service. We share with you here, our motivation and a little insight into our values.

While we witnessed much good work within the fire and security industry and operated alongside some committed and very skilled engineers, the creation of much larger companies and the rise in the national company seemed to result in a decline in customer service. We started to see the relationship shift away from the customer being at the centre of the decision process, customers were habitually being let down through a series of missed engineer visits, errors in invoicing and increased annual costs with no added value to them.

It became obvious to us that the needs of the customer no longer remained at the centre of the decision process.

We recognised that companies needed to be much closer to their customers; really understanding their customers business and working with them to ensure products and services brought added value. We should complement not complicate. At that point, in 2016 we set about planning Bellmac; using our experiences within the industry but just as important, our experiences from outside the industry when we were customers!

We chose to establish a local business with a family feel. First in Durham, then in Harrogate. Serving the communities where we live, rather than aiming for national coverage.

The experiences we have as former engineers and customer service managers within the fire and security industry, obviously helps with the technical aspects of the job, but that alone does not make us Bellmac; if we simply mirrored other fire and security companies we would not have created the customer orientated, local business we wanted to create and have now established.

Some of our Directors and senior staff have worked outside of the security industry, holding senior posts within education and wider public and private sectors where they experienced fire and security solutions as the user. Those experiences, alongside the engineering and customer service understanding, coupled with the desire to create something special, local, within our communities, is why we established Bellmac.

This is our narrative so far. We hope you enjoy being, or want to become, part of the Bellmac story.

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5 reasons to choose Bellmac

Trained specialists on your side

Our experienced fire and security engineers are all apprentice served and manufacturer trained specialists who are able to find and resolve challenges with your fire and security systems, often before they become a problem. Our engineers pride themselves on consistently providing an exceptional service, that reduces down time, and increases first time fixes, returning your systems to a reliable, compliant state.

Strategic thinking & planning

Using only certified parts and approved design and installation methods, alongside the latest diagnostic tools, our engineers ensure your fire and security systems support your business operations today and in the future.

Inspiring confidence

SSAIB registered, our third-party accreditations provide you with the confidence that we are able to ensure your fire and security systems remain compliant. Access to service records from dedicated named engineers, mean we won’t leave you out in the cold when you need to show conformity to fire, police or insurance companies.

Protecting and saving money

Maintenance with dedicated local engineers, with knowledge of your fire and security systems, means we often prevent false alarms, system downtime or costly repairs before the need arises. Compliant system designs, specialist engineers, first time fix and understanding your operational needs, helps us to reduce the overall cost of your fire and security systems.